The New Balance/Warrior NEFPHL All-star game will take place this Sunday, November 12th at the Icenter. The U16  face-off will be at 12:15 pm, followed by a 2:25 pm U19 puck drop. Warrior equipment will be on display for players to demo from 2:00 - 2:40 on the NHL ice.

U16 White

Coaches: Benn Ferriero & Dennis McCauley

Name Position School DOB
Patrick Lawn Defense Rivers School 03/26/2001
Mark Meinecke Defense Phillips Andover 1/9/2001
Michael Gallagher Defense Phillips Andover 1/10/2001
Nico Bowden Defense Groton 4/29/2002
Justin Greenberg Defense Tilton 2/16/2001
Tucker Hill Defense Brooks School 06/03/2001
Mike McEachern Forward Rivers School 4/2/2001
Joseph Schubert Forward Phillips Exeter 6/24/2002
Reese Ramirez Forward Phillips Exeter 6/10/2001
Adar Tulloch Forward Phillips Exeter 10/01/2001
Ronan Doherty Forward Groton 12/11/2001
Joe Solimine Forward Central Catholic 3/3/2002
Sam Telsey Forward Brooks School 4/27/2002
Joe Bevere Forward St. Johns Prep 2/14/2001
Kyle Elliot Forward Brooks School 9/18/2002
Charlie Archer Goalie Phillips Andover 8/30/2001
Julien Cholette Goalie Brooks School 5/21/2001


U16 Blue

Coaches: Brian McGuirk & Kevin Hart

Name Position School DOB
Jacob Matthews Defense Phillips Exeter 3/1/2001
Matthew Cormier Defense Rivers School 20/20/2001
Joe Harney Defense St. Sebastian's 3/22/2002
Aidan MacRitchie Defense Phillips Exeter 1/14/2002
Colin Elliot Defense Brooks School 9/18/2002
Jeremy Abraham Forward Phillips Exeter 11/10/2001
Grady Friedman Forward Kents Hill 5/3/2001
Marc Borghi Forward Groton 3/24/2001
Noah Jankowski Forward Central Catholic 6/13/2001
Grant Porter Forward Rivers School 2/21/2002
Aliesha Song Forward Phillips Exeter 1/16/2001
Matt Hulse Forward Pingree 5/13/2001
Parker Sondag Forward Brooks School 03/01/2001
Tristan Mecenas Goalie Groton 11/18/2002
Robbie Farrell Goalie Austin Prep 3/20/2001


U19 White

Coaches: Dan Ronan & Dennis McCauley

Name Position School DOB
Cameron Schmitt Defense Groton 1/20/1999
Jared Valade Defense Kents Hill 6/12/1999
Patrick Lavin Defense Worcester Academy 11/20/1998
Bobby Pearl Defense Dexter 11/21/1999
Andrius Kulbis-Marino Defense Lowell Catholic HS 2/16/2000
Gray Betts Defense Phillips Exeter 12/20/2000
Jonah Gold Forward Groton 2/20/2000
Kyle Jadatz Forward Phillips Exeter 6/3/1999
Connor Sweeney Forward Lawrence Academy 05/05/2000
Thomas Manty Forward Phillips Andover 2/4/2000
Peter Scheschareg Forward Phillips Exeter 05/04/1999
Patrick Bogart Forward Phillips Exeter 01/21/2000
Kevin Pitts Forward Holderness 10/21/1999
Alex Gagnon Forward Holderness 12/16/1998
John Pigott Forward Tilton 6/5/1998
James Corcoran Goalie Winchendon 2/23/1998
Connor Androlewicz Goalie Holderness 11/28/2000


U19 Red

Coaches: Benn Ferriero & Matt Gordon

Name Position School DOB
Patrick Ault Defense Holderness 5/4/2000
Max Alsarraf Defense Phillips Exeter 10/9/1998
Bryce Murphy Defense Phillips Andover 1/19/1999
Jagger Benson Defense Malden Catholic 10/23/2000
Gregory McGunigle Defense Holderness 07/18/1999
Nicholas Foderaro Defense Central Catholic 8/10/2000
Alex Rivet Forward Middlesex 3/12/2000
Quinn Doyle Forward Phillips Andover 06/24/99
Sean Wrenn Forward Nobles 7/22/1998
Brent Rickett Forward North Yarmouth Academy 9/6/1999
Dante Maribito Forward Phillips Andover 10/8/1998
Sam Stone Forward Phillips Exeter 4/15/1999
Robert Murray Forward Phillips Exeter 8/14/1998
Kevin Ouellette Forward Phillips Andover 12/18/1998
Cameron Weiztman Forward Tilton 6/22/1999
Joey Stanizzi Goalie Middlesex 8/31/2000
Thomas Steere Goalie Groton 1/18/1999

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