Mite Cross Ice League

Mite Cross Ice League


60 Lowell Rd

Salem, NH

$175 for 8 weeks

  • April 15th– June 3rd 7:30-8:30a
  • For questions contact Brian (
  • Or Kevin (

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  • Real Speed Hockey Development’s Mite Cross Ice League – Available for Mite players between the 2010 / 2011 / 2012 birth years. Our Instructors will break the group of Mites into 3 sections based on age and ability.
  • Cross Ice & Small Area Games – Maximizing puck touches. Our instructors will work with the players to help create offense, confidence with puck possession, how to play without the puck in regards to finding open and supporting the puck carrier.
  • The Benefits of Cross Ice Hockey – More time playing & More time handling the puck. Players will be rotated through their shifts in 90 second intervals. Players will not be standing around waiting for their next shift, they will be constantly moving and involved throughout the session. Since the game is played in a small area, decisions are forced to be made quicker. As they progress back into full ice hockey they will have created more confidence in their ability to handle the puck and confidence in their decision-making process with or without the puck.
  • It’s About Fun – Allowing players to compete in a fun setting will bring out the best in each player. Players will not worry about making mistakes or turning the puck over. In fact, they will be encouraged to play with creativity and encouraged to try new things that they may be hesitant about trying in a structured full ice setting.