Real Speed Sports training model generates positive results through the enhancement of individual skills and overall player development.

In season practices are team oriented, Real Speed Sports runs an off-season product focused on individually developing overall skating and skill sets needed to advance each player to the next level.

Real Speed Sports will provide players the best opportunity to reach their highest potential and significantly develop during the off-season.

Welcome To Our World
Speed = Force Generated x Stride Length / Stride Frequency
We will train for this and apply your new skill to the ice

Real Speed Sports Training is run by former Hockey East and professional hockey players. We will identify the components of your on ice game that needs to be strengthened and address your needs in our off ice program.
College and Elite Prep athletes will be sport tested in 10 on ice tests and 5 off ice tests in June and again in August.

This will allow us to:

  • Adjust your training needs according to test results
  • Compare your results against your peer group and in a global data base of 250,000 athletes. You will receive detailed reports.
  • Track your progression and fully support pursuit of your goals

Testing clearly identifies strengths and weaknesses giving us an objective and data driven assessment of your training requirements.

Our Facility (The-Icenter) allows players to train on and off the ice at the same location, making Real Speed Sports the ultimate, one-stop training destination for youth, high school, collegiate, and professional players.

Summer Programs (includes off ice)
Small Group Training
Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey
Mite Development
Prep Skills