Our philosophy is geared toward the overall athlete while still acknowledging individual strengths and weaknesses. We identify those attributes, determine the athlete’s goals, and then achieve full potential during our program.

  • Motivate - We understand that the psychological component is as important as the physiological component.
  • Engaged Trainers – Our trainers care.
  • Know our Athletes – We know our athletes outside of the gym.
  • Earning Trust – This allows us to push our athletes a little harder.
  • Show your Stuff – We include an old school body-building element so the athletes can be proud of their work.
  • Esprit de Corp – Team workout challenges are incorporated to build a common loyalty within our groups.

Learning and Hard Work gets rewarded. Dolphin trainers rely exclusively on positive reinforcement. Dolphins will withdraw and refuse to perform when reprimanded. Dolphins and humans have similar brain functions. We learn from this and apply this to our coaching methods.