Small Group Training

Our Small Group Training Model was started 10 years ago and was designed to effectively develop players by offering the maximum number of repetitions, with the proper work to rest ratio, in a 60-minute training session. Our small group setting offers the individual attention needed for each player to correct deficiencies and improve all elements of their game. Groups are limited to 4-6 players and programmed for players at the same age and skill level.

Real Speed Hockey Development’s Small Group Training model offers general skill & skating sessions as well specific sessions tailored for each group.

  • Overall Development will touch on all areas of the game, focusing on skating, puck handling, and shooting. Staff will progress as they see fit as well spend more time on areas of deficiency
  • Skating Sessions are focused solely on skating as well skating with puck possession-Focusing on modern and advanced skating techniques including body position, mechanics, speed, lateral movement, transitional skating, quickness, and over-speed training.
  • Puck Handling Sessions include all areas of the game with puck possession-Focusing on proper hand positioning/mechanics, extension, body positioning, deception, creativity, and attacking off the rush
  • Shooting Sessions are tailored to address the proper release, mechanics, weight transfer, and velocity/accuracy of the players shot, but also progresses to teach proper shot selections, lane changes, deception, and release points in stride
  • Defense Specific training sessions are structured for Defenseman who want to improve all elements of their position-Focusing on defensive skating, transitional skating, lateral movement, angling, stick position, and the offensive components of Defense
  • Offense Specific training sessions will touch on all elements to increase offensive production-Focusing on shot selections, shot deception, lane/angle changes, puck protection in the corner/off the rush, and creativity

Bring teammates, line mates, or defense partners together and get the best product in player development with REAL SPEED HOCKEY DEVELOPMENT’S Small Group Training.

Available SMALL GROUP TRAINING Packages:

Please Contact Real Speed Staff to set up your package and scheduling.

Private Lessons also available per request