Real Speed Fall and Winter Training



  • Motivate- Push Athletes to Achieve Individual Goals
  • Engaged Trainers- Get to know Athletes on personal level, Identify Individual’s Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Team Challenges- Incorporated to Build Common Loyalty within our Groups
  • Real Results- Proven and Safe Training Methods Include:
    • Real Runners, Real Jumpers, Water Bags, Plyometrics, Traditional Resistance Training

Speed       *      Power      *      Athleticism

Fall: 10 weeks, Sep 11-Nov 17 $350

Winter: 14 weeks, Nov 26-Mar 9 $475

Full Season: 24 weeks, $775.

Small Group Training- Up to 6 athletes- Fall $3000, Winter $4200, Full $7000

Contact: Cody Ferriero (978-338-6233)

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