When Yoga meets muscle, Sculpt is born.

Sculpt is a combination of Vinyasa yoga and strength training. This class is designed to both stretch and strengthen the body and mind. It complements your regular yoga practice, while boosting your metabolism and pushing your strength and flexibility to new heights. Strength-training exercises such as squats, lunges, bicep curls and tricep extensions are incorporated to build lean muscle mass. Free weights are always an option in Sculpt, but not completely necessary as you will receive a great workout with or without them. Throughout this class we will increase our power of breath, build muscular and cardiovascular endurance, and develop both body and mind awareness.

Are you ready to Stretch and Sculpt?

Real Speed Sculpt 2017-18 Schedule

 13 Class Package (Adult only)- $175

6 Class Package – $100

6 Class Package (Add w/ Gym program) – $60

Tuesdays – 6 Classes + Intro

Nov 28, Dec 12, Jan 2, Jan 16, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 20

4:45-5:45 (Adult) *pending interest*

6:00-7:00 (Youth) *open registration*

7:30-8:30 (U14 Team) *closed*

Tuesdays – 6 Classes

Dec 5, Dec 19, Jan 9, Jan 23, Feb 13, Feb 27

5:00-6:00 (High School) *open registration*

6:15-7:15 (Adult) *open registration*

7:30-8:30 (U14 Team) *closed*

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Emily Ann is a certified power yoga and sculpt instructor who has developed her practice to teach others how to engage in a lifestyle of mindfulness. Emily Ann has competed in Soccer and Cheerleading at a select and Collegiate level. When she was introduced to yoga she instantly became addicted to not only the physical and mental changes, but the lifestyle. Her passion led her to become a full-time store inventory lead and team sales lead at Lululemon. Through her work as a Lululemon key-leader she continues to attend many unique private fitness expositions which allows her to continue to grow and expand her yoga practice. Come join Emily Ann during “Real Speed Sculpt” to achieve mindfulness and teach your mind and body to Live Real.